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Tiana McVay

Tiana McVay Photography and Design

Scio, OR


I am an independent, strong, creative, self taught and aspiring photographer and graphic designer. I look for the beauty behind the lens and strive to bring that beauty and inspiration to others through my photography and designs. I believe each day is an opportunity to learn and grow and I am thankful each and every day for the chance to improve and expand on my creative visions and knowledge.

I have been a hobby photographer for the last 15 years and started out with an old Yashica film camera and progressed through the years to the digital DSLR. Landscapes, action and animal photography has been my focus and passion. Although, I am eager to branch more into people photography.

I have been a farm manager for the last 11 years where we boarded horses and raised Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. This is where I was introduced to Apple computers and fell in love with the ease of use and creative possibilities they inspire. The opportunity arose for me to take over the farm website and thus began my journey into studying web and graphic design as well as continuing to practice and improve my photography skills. I knew nothing to begin with but with the help of lynda.com I learned everything I could about Dreamweaver and Photoshop in my spare time. I still have a lot to learn but as I said everyday is an opportunity to expand on knowledge and grow. Everyday is a gift to be treasured!

I love to travel, visit historical sites and ruins, dance, listen to music, read and spend time with friends and family.



The Landing by Tiana McVay


Dutchess by Tiana McVay


Dories at Dawn by Tiana McVay


New Wonders by Tiana McVay


Northern Harrier by Tiana McVay


Flying Abbey by Tiana McVay


Rays of hope at Cape Kiwanda Oregon by Tiana McVay


Sunset at Cape Kiwanda Oregon by Tiana McVay


Morning's Glory by Tiana McVay


Follow My Lead by Tiana McVay


Frog King's Court by Tiana McVay


Frog King by Tiana McVay


Cape Kiwanda Oregon by Tiana McVay


Hello World by Tiana McVay


Tender Innocence by Tiana McVay


Dory Launch by Tiana McVay


I'm A Star by Tiana McVay